Why Rob’s people? When I was younger (and pretty much still) I was known for doing stupid things. Usually it was a dare, or an easy way to make money. Also, because most of the really stupid stories come from the South and I’m originally from Arkansas.

Rob’s People never mean to get in the news, or really hurt/kill anyone. (Actually no one’s allowed to die in a Rob’s People story. If that happens, then you’re worse than one of Rob’s People.)

So, it’s no surprise this guy made it into Rob’s People!!

It happened in Burien, Wash. A State Trooper clocked a guy on radar going 112 mph. When the police turned around to catch him, he exited the highway and crashed his car.  So he got out and made a run for it… well until he realized he forgot his monkey! YES, he has a pet marmoset, how cool! Anyway, he turned around, ran back to the car and the monkey jumped on his shoulder and he took off again. And that was exactly how cops found him not far from the wrecked car, with a monkey on his back. HAHA The guy got some jail time and the monkey was sent home with other family members.

Seriously dude, if you think you’re gonna have to run from the cops later, leave the monkey at home. Or at least remember him when you first get out to run!