So as we said last week, we are going to fill you in on the "more". The Lifestyle is much more than just finding sex with other partners, it is about the ability to be able to be in an environment where there is no judgment by others. Each individual/couple can be themselves in a sexual manner and flirt with other individuals/couples without any recuperation from your own partner.

For instance, this past weekend, we set up a date to have dinner with K&M. This couple we had previously met at a local meet & greet and we enjoyed the brief encounter. After this brief encounter, we asked them if they would like to join us for dinner to see if we clicked. Dinner went great so we invited them back to our place to enjoy the hot tub.

While sitting in the hot tub, naked of course, we sensed a mutual attraction among each other's partners. This resulted in verbal and physical interaction, better known as foreplay. From there, we decided to move to the playroom to finish the night.

Not every "date" ends likes ours did this past weekend. Many times it is just two couples getting together, flirting and getting to know each other on a social level. In fact, most people don't even know that you are sitting next to a table with couples that are in the Lifestyle!

If anyone has any specific questions about the Lifestyle, send Connie and Fish an email and they will pass the question on to us and we would be happy to answer them in future blog posts.

Swing Safe,

Sammy & Suzie