Last week Suzie was the main contributor to the blog, so I thought this week I would contribute.  Suzie gave you a little bit of the "more" last week so this week I thought I would dive into the "dating scene" for swingers.

One question that we are often asked by couples that are thinking about swinging, "How, what or where do we go to meet like minded people?"  I am going to share the internet side in this blog.  There are many other ways, such as events, meet n greets and just going to the bar.

There are many websites on the internet that you can use to find other couples that you can begin chatting with or just "hook-up" with.  Often, it starts out with Suzie and I looking at other couples profiles and when we see a couple that has similar interests to us we will send them a message within the website.  We might get a response and we might not.  If we do, we typically share interests back and forth and then agree upon a "date".

MOST often "dates" consist of going out to dinner or drinks at a bar/restaurant somewhere in between our two locations.  We will sit and chat with the other couple learning all the same things a couple would learn if they met new friends at a bar.  The cool thing about being in the Lifestyle is that any of us can compliment the others in a very open minded way without repercussion.  Most of the time the "first date" is a get to know everyone type date, with the added twist of seeing if there is any sexual attraction as well and it will end up in setting up a second date if everyone is interested.  If not, Suzie and I had a great night out.  If everything goes really well, it might lead to more that night, but often it does not.

A second date with a couple might also be dinner/drinks, but might end up either at a hotel room or back to one of the couple's houses.  Suzie and I have a nice hot tub that we sometimes like to utilize.

Some couples like to "Hot Date" and this is an accelerated version of the above ending in "swinging" evening.

Above all, the ability to be sexually open minded with another couple in a public atmosphere is a highly erotic time.  Many times our "dates" do not end in "playing" around but just good discussion, laughs and fun.  Many people think that the swinging Lifestyle is 100% about intercourse, it is not!  For Suzie and I it is about being around people that are open minded about their sexual fantasies and desires.  The benefit about being in the Lifestyle is that there is a higher probability that those might come true!!

If anyone has questions that they would like us to answer, please feel free to email us at:

Till Next Time, Happy Safe Swinging!