It’s taken me a minute to figure out why I like the “Mannequin Challenge”, sometimes I think "What's the challenge?  Anyone can just stand still" (except those little kids that failed horribly...)

Now after watching the Michigan State Police Training school recruits do the “Mannequin Challenge”, I know why I like it.  A superpower that’s at the top of my list of “It’d be cool if I could...” would be to pause time (especially when I’m late for something) so I could sneak in or out of places.   Sure invisibility is cool, but sometimes you’re already in the situation and want out…so pausing time would be awesome.

ANYWAY,  the 131st and 132nd Trooper Recruit Schools for the Michigan State Police were challenged by the Virginia State Police to do the “Mannequin Challenge”.  They put a lot of thought into this.  I've watched it 3 times so far catching new details every time.

I also love they focused on the effort the MSP is doing with "Stuff a Goose", as they collect toys for Toys for Tots and Shelter of Flint.

Well done you guys, well done!





Here's the little kids failing at the "Mannequin Challenge":

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