Anyone else get a bit giddy Sunday night when the X-Files theme lit up the speakers on the TV?

I seriously felt like I was 15 again. They NAILED the first episode. I'm so happy they kept the original theme, even the "I made this" at the end of the episode. This 32 year old child was happy.

One of the things I hear a lot of X-Files fans say is they left the original series when Mulder and Scully left. I was one of those fans. It was partially because of that reason, and I started getting more of a life, so it was hard to keep up.

Now that I don't have a life, I'm back baby! And so is the X-Files! I love the way God works!

Anyway before Sunday night's premiere I thought I might need a huge binge session of all the episodes I missed from the final few seasons, not the case at all.

If you have Netflix, watch the final episode of the series, and read a quick synopsis of the Mulder and Scully characters on Wikipedia. Here's why, the final episode of the series wraps everything up in a fairly tight little bow, their profiles on Wikipedia fill in the blanks.

I felt doing that before last night's episode brought me up to speed, most fans will tell you the last movie doesn't really add much to the story-line, so no need to watch.

So if you felt lost last night, do those things I mentioned and episode 2, set to air Monday at 8 p.m., will make more sense.

The truth is out there. Maybe...