Text Question of the Day: What was the last thing you got yelled at about?

  • Probably while packing to come camping lol, but according to him he wasn’t yelling he was just trying to get things packed Anything past that must not have been that important cause we don’t remember what it was
  • Asking someone to put a mask while I was working in a gas station. He also threw a bottle of coke at me.
  • I didn’t answer my phone because I had no service and missed a call that my youngest daughter was in a horrible car accident with her best friend.
  • Stepping over the baby fence at my son’s house instead of opening the gate. (BYW, my foot got caught on it and I fell. My son is the one who yelled at me)
  • Talking, while my hubby was getting ready for work at 2am, he likes quiet.
  • Basically everything before we divorced sept 2019
  • My 3lb dog not leaving my 15lb cat alone! #quarantinelife2020
  • Smacking the husband to roll over when he was snoring so loud the whole town could have heard him.
  • Watching true crime shows and they showed pics when my husband was in the room. Damn wussy!
  • Our 7 year old telling his dad to "calm his tits"
  • I do the yelling around here. Ask anyone
  • I never get yelled at cuz I’m perfect....
  • My 13 yr old for taking her phone away.
  • Getting up from the couch
  • Working too much.
  • I was yelled at by my children for not letting them play Halo together. They're the little devils but I am obviously the worst mom ever
  • The last time I was yelled at was last November 4th the day before my birthday by my ex-boyfriend. We were on the phone and we started talking about the shelf his mom wanted made to go by the side of her stove. My dad was going to make it for her. He told me not to do anything about it until he talked to his mom. I told him that earlier that day her and I were txting and getting ideas of what she wanted. HE WENT OFF ON ME! Telling me I didn’t know what I was doing and mad at me that I had contacted his mom. Every other word was a “F” bomb and he was calling me names. That was the last time I spoke to him and a few days later I broke up with him. He didn’t even call me on my birthday the next day. I was over him treating me like that all the time. I could do nothing right in his eyes. I was no longer going to allow him to treat me like a piece of crap and call me names. Most of the time it was because he was drunk. Leaving him was the best thing I have done in a long time!!! I didn’t deserve any of that at all!!!
  • I work in a primary care office so I get yelled at daily unfortunately
  • The last time I got yelled at was when I got my 5th tattoo. My grandpa doesn’t really like them, and he made sure I knew he didn’t like it. What he doesn’t know is I’m getting #6 tomorrow. I’m prepared for his wrath when I see him for my birthday Sunday lol
  • I was yelled at for "readjusting" while walking down the hall at work. I didn't even realize it did it. My boss called me in his office and started yelling at me that I need to be more professional in the work place. #MenDeserveComfort #DontTouchThatThing
  • The last time I got yelled at was yesterday morning. I had a nightmare and beat up my fiance in my sleep and his sleep . This is not the first time this has happened. In fact I beat him up twice yesterday morning lol. He had a bad morning yesterday lmao.
  • Last time I got yelled at I was staying out past my curfew that my husband gave me
  • My 4 year old son wagged his finger at me and yelled "I told you no more f-word! I've had it!" Oops
  • Not showing the Tatas at a bachelorette party while all the other girls were. Or not playing the scavenger hunt to have guys buy drinks for them. Lol The husband was very disappointed. I’ve never felt so pressured in my LIFE!

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