Today on the show we had a Rando Texto about a vacation that a member of the Click of Six may or may not be invited on. A brother-in-pain wrote in about how their family goes on a cruise once a year as a family tradition but this year they might not be able to go. His wife isn't vaccinated, so she isn't allowed to go on the boat, but her husband and kids are and they still want to go. We have to help them figure out whether or not they should split the family up for the week and go on the cruise, or come up with another idea for a vacation. Also on the show, we learned that Only Fans is pulling all of their "explicit" content starting October 1st, Steve reviewed 3 brand new movies out in theaters this weekend, and what would you if you found out your wife's boyfriend had been living in your house rent free for over a year? All of that and much more on today's show!

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