I'm the last person who should be talking about fashion, but there's one thing I do know...I look phenomenal in dark colors.

Apparently I'm not the only person to think that about themselves! A recent survey found black is the color we wear when we want to feel confident, intelligent, and the color that makes people look the most attractive.

This begs the question, why am I wearing blue and khaki while I'm typing this?


The survey from Style.Mic found a few bits of info in regards to the colors we wear. Men say their favorite color on women, besides black, is red. Women say, next to black, blue is their favorite color on men (yup, that's why I wore the blue shirt today).

How about other colors?


Only 5% of people think someone intelligent would wear pink, do the math on that one. Also, 2% of women and 8% of men say they would wear brown into an important meeting. Guess what color you should wear? Yup, black.

How about dating?

Orange is apparently the worst color to wear on a first date and brown was second worst.

Moral of the story? Buy black. A lot of it. Guys you need to buy a black suit, invest in it. It could be your important meeting, funeral, and wedding suit. 3 for the price of one.