There is, for whatever reason, a lot of wildlife around our studios even though were located in the middle of Downtown Grand Rapids.

This morning one of our co-workers, Niki, came across an orphaned baby duck as she was coming into work. After searching around for Mama Duck, Niki decided to take the baby duck under her wing (pun totally intended) and rescue it.

She managed to coral Herman (that's what we named the duck) in a crate, and then called up our boss Tom, resident duck expert, to see what to do next.

Tom called up the folks at Wildlife Rehab Center here in Grand Rapids, and they encouraged him to bring Herman in.

Herman (who may be a boy or a girl, apparently it's hard to tell when they're this young) was checked over by the folks there, and they determined that he was recently hatched (probably no more than 6 hours old.)

Herman is now in his very own little incubator until he's big enough to be placed with other ducks and then eventually released back into the wild.

We're a little bummed that he couldn't stay here and be our station duck, but he'll probably be happier this way.

Oddly, this is not our first baby duck interaction here at the station. Check out this video of another baby duck trying to jump up onto a ledge that was just a little too high for him.