Revenge of the buck?

Shawna Hoekstra of Alto was with her children when she spotted a deer moving in a field. The family got out their binoculars and telescope to get a better look. Hoekstra says she thought a hunter shot and left it because it looked as though its "rump" was shot off.

WOOD TV 8 reports she followed the buck, with a plan of waiting for it to die so she could go in for the meat.

Turns out she jumped a bit too soon.

It was a 10 point buck, and after awhile it couldn't walk. In an attempt to maintain control of the buck she sat on it. Bad idea. The buck lunged and ended up pinning Hoekstra.

After about 30 minutes emergency crews were called, a firefighter was able to free Hoesktra, and held down the buck while a Sheriff's Deputy put the buck down.

Hoekstra is okay, but says she learned her lesson!