In honor of our intern Connor, we asked you to send in roommate horror stories.  Why in honor of Connor?  Well, that's because he is on his way to Michigan State University at the end of the week to move in with his brand new roommate who he hasn't met yet.  Connor is pretty hopeful because no one could have been worse than his last one.  Don't believe us, check out his blog about his roommate horror stories!

A few of the stories that you sent us might give some of Connor's stories a run for their money, but that's for you to decide.

What is your roommate horror story?

  • I let a friend stay with me while she was in between houses. She broke the closet door making erotic balloon animals
  • My roommate in college only showered once every six weeks or so. About 3 weeks in she started wearing a hat to hide her greasy hair. She didn't do her laundry and just picked through the dry clothes pile at the end of the bed. So one night her friends and I washed all of her clothes and bed sheets. We couldn't take the smell anymore
  • Second year of college, come home from working the night shift to find the door of apartment locked and chained closed. After knocking many times, I kicked the door in to find the living room full of girls in nothing but underwear. thinking this is really cool and it's going to be a good day. Realize immediately the girls are dressed like this because they are packaging drugs for my roommate. Evidently, he was a dealer, and I did not know it. The girls left quickly and he moved out two days later. It wasn't that great a day.
  • I lived with a friend who was also a co-worker it was around Fourth of July about 4 years ago she had dipped out didn't come to work never came home so I started getting worried I tried reaching out to her other friends or sister anybody that I know that she might be with everybody respond to me couple days later she finally got ahold of me to hurt my feelings but she didn't want to live with me anymore that's perfectly fine but the way she went about it was all wrong I was sincerely just a worried friend I didn't even care about the work situation I just wanted to know if she was okay we still talk but we're not nearly as close
  • To: Connie and Fish From: Miguel from Lansing.  Roommate Horror Story. My roommate was such a neat freak. They were always on me about cleaning and picking up after myself. They even went as far as assigning chores out. I'm not a dirty person by any means, I just didn't do anything the way they wanted it done. Finally, I got tired of it and said: "Mom I'm moving out."
  • I once had a roommate who got super possessive of me and didn't like that I had other friends or hung out with people besides her. I had some friends over to our apartment one night to watch a movie in my room. The breaker box was in my roommate's bedroom and she shut off the breaker to my bedroom and locked herself in her room and wouldn't flip it back on until my friends all left. Needless to say, that was the end of us sharing an apartment!
  • I had an exchange student roommate at GVSU from London and she carved a pumpkin and left the pumpkin guts in the bathtub!
  • When I was in the Army I had a barracks mate. We both had twin size mattresses and there were about 3 feet between them. I once woke to him having balloon animals...with a rhymes with my bed...and yes I was still in it.
  • I believe I was the horror story the beginning of my junior year of college, I wasn't a huge partier...then I met some people and became really good at partying. Apparently, my roommate didn't like that and when I was on spring break in Panama City, I came back to her having moved out of the apartment and a goodbye note. I threw a party...seemed appropriate.
  • I was looking for a roommate and a friend of mine had a boyfriend looking for a place... so I thought I'd let him move in. I was always at my boyfriend's house but still paid the bills. He lived there about 3 months and never paid a dime. After he moved out, I had heard they broke up so I tried to get info out of her so I could go to court... she refused. Fast forward 24 years. Went to my son's open house last night. My hubby spotted him... WHAT???... Then my son was playing with a couple kids... one of which I've never seen. Come to find out.... the new kid my son played with is his son.....hmmmmm. Good thing I don't hold grudges hahaha or wait DO I???? LMAO
  • I go to MSU! My roommate horror story is about my suit mates during my freshman year. I met them the first week then never saw them again. The only reason I knew we had suit mates was that the bathroom that joined our rooms would be totally trashed after they went out partying!
  • On my roommate Horror Story, I was living in Louisiana with my boyfriend at the time and we moved in with this girl without really meeting her. It was a co-worker's daughter who's looking for someone to help with the bills so we moved in. I'll come to find out she had a freaky twist with her boyfriends. She would kick us out of the house occasionally so that way she could play balloon animals with her boyfriend. But the bad thing was is she would help make us help her carry the kitchen table back to her bedroom. For some reason, they like to do balloon animals on the kitchen table that we ate awful. The short story is that we never ate dinner at the table after that.
  • Best friend's, moved in together, didn't agree on anything, he got his girlfriend prego then I told everyone he got mad, fist fight big time, didn't talk for close to 5 years but now best friends again I was in his wedding he in mine
  • Tqotd# My husband's old roommate was having a family reunion at their home. He cleaned the house for a week before the party. He took it upon himself to pledge the wooden stairs that led to the upstairs, without telling anyone. It took months and many people falling down the stairs before it finally wore off. It got to the point where you had to take off your socks before you went up or down them.
  • The worst roommate I ever had! We like to call him the EX Husband Enough said
  • When I was in college I had a roommate that had balloon animals on the bottom bunk while another roommate was on the top bunk in the early evening
  • When I was a kid there was one day that I went to brush my teeth and I noticed my toothbrush was already wet. I asked my siblings about it and three of my four siblings proceeded to insist that that was their toothbrush. We had all been using the same toothbrush thinking it was our own for over a month. Gross.
  • I could tell so many stories about a roommate I had - Sara. Myself, Sara, and 1 other roommate decided to do a little Thanksgiving meal together. Sara was tasked with buying the turkey breast for us. When it was time to cook it, she realized she bought a Cajun turkey. Sara texted us saying she didn't want spicy food so she was just going to throw away the turkey and we could eat another night. My other roommate and I asked why the 2 of us couldn't eat the Cajun turkey still and Sara just get something else (because we all paid together for this turkey). Sara refused to cook it. So I went back to the apartment to turn on the crockpot and told her we were still eating it since we paid for it. She decided to go to McDonald's for dinner that evening and didn't talk with us for 2 weeks.
  • My roommate in college was awful. Too many stories to share. But a really gross one was when she dissected a cows heart on our kitchen table.
  • QOTD: My roommate in college decided to get a new Pomeranian puppy. Super cute. However, my roommate failed to teach said super cute puppy how to poop outside. Therefore I had to walk through landmines every single day. I got so sick of this crap that eventually I started picking them up and strategically placed them on her pillow. BARF
  • My roommate my freshmen year of college was going to school for mortuary science... she would bring all kinds of animals back to the dorm to dissect. The room always smelled. It was awful!!
  • Bear with me...So, I worked up at Mackinac Island for a summer. We lived in a dorm-style apartment, and we would cycle through roommates. One night, a new girl moved into my room and I had no idea because I'd been asleep. When I woke up the next morning, I saw her and tried to be quiet while getting ready. Within a minute, she shot up out of bed, was extremely chipper, offered me a breakfast bar, and tried getting to know me. I would have been fine with it, but it was at 6 in the morning!!! Don't talk to me before I've had my coffee lol. True story!!
  • Roommate horror story- my roommate would make balloon animals with different men all the time. One night I woke up with a guy's bare in my face. I said something about it and then they stole my debit card and treated themselves to lunch.
  • OH EM GEE. My freshman year at CMU (Fire up chips!) My roommate decided to loft my bed when I went home for the weekend. I came back Monday morning at 7 AM before my first class to find my bed 5 feet in the air. She proceeded to eat all of my food, wear my brand new clothes without asking (even taking the tags off herself) and bring Home random men without informing me or our suitemates. Roommate from hell!
  • Morning guys! I had a roommate who let my lamp on fire while smoking some medicinal and stuff, and spilled a whole fifth of vodka all over my DVD player and broke it. She still to this day owes me money and never offered to replace the items that she broke.
  • My crazy ex-roommate was my ex-husband's brother it was a total freak he thought he was quite the gigolo and so he would meet a girl and within a week or two asking her to marry him and then it wouldn't work out two or three weeks after that and then he'd get other girls do the same thing but the problem was he was using the same ring over and over again which wasn't even a real diamond they all thought it was like a two-carat diamond ring and it wasn't so the last girl I decided to tell her the truth told her that that was the third time he's given the ring away and it wasn't even real is cubic zirconia that was an interesting fight
  • My niece was a freshman at MSU and she would wake up to her roomie wearing a horse mask staring at her. She would also call her mom's boyfriend big papa..... it was insane!
  • My freshman year roommate would leave used pads in our trash in our room smelled so bad. When we and our other roommate confronted her she lied about it straight to our face. However, from then on they were no more pads in the trash.
  • Roommate brought in bed bugs
  • Morning guys! I had a roommate who lit my lamp on fire while smoking some medicinal and stuff, and spilled a whole fifth of vodka all over my DVD player and broke it. She still to this day owes me money and never offered to replace the items that she broke.
  • My freshman roommate didn't change his socks! Our room smelled so bad! He would wear the socks until he had to throw them away and then buy new socks and start the process over
  • Junior year, I lived in a townhouse… Which was three floors. Two bedrooms on the top floor & two bedrooms in the basement. kitchen and living on the main floor. My roommate took rope and tied it starting in the basement...wove it through all the stair rail's and onto my door handle, which was on the top floor. I had to crawl under all the rope to get up to my room. I ended up having to cut it all up To get it off.
  • She was a big partier back in the GLORY days of the 80's. After the bar would close she insisted on inviting the entire bar over to our house. The problem was that I had a full-time job and had to be up in the morning. Obviously, she did not have a job that got in the way of her partying. AWFUL and inconsiderate of others. We weren't roommates for long.
  • #tqotd I lived upstairs in a house with two roommates and my self one night I woke up in a panic because the whole upstairs was covered in smoke I ran downstairs to more smoke and my mind was still asleep I went into my roommates room to wake him so we could get outta the house to find him and another man before balloon animals with each other while indulging in Steve's smoke that filled the house #tmi