Leave it to Reddit to give us some golden glory!

1.  "I worked as a telemarketer, cold calling old people to scare them into buying crappy life insurance.  It was soul destroying."



2.  "I worked on an auto assembly line . . . non-union since it was a subcontractor for GM.  Ten hours a day, six days a week, on my feet, pressing foam lining around air conditioning vents in dashboards.  I got paid $6-an-hour, plus unlimited blisters."



3.  "I worked at a bath and body store where we had to sell lotion by giving customers hand massages.  I didn't sell that much and mostly gave hand massages to men who would say creepy things to me the entire time."



4.  "I worked as a janitor at a college bar.  Feces in the sink, vomit in the urinals, a layer of pee on the floor of the WOMEN'S bathroom, and one time there were used feminine hygiene products tied to the ceiling fan."



5.  "I worked in a lab where they tested hypodermic needles on animals.  Day one was cleaning rabbit cages.  Day two was gassing mice.  Day three was going to be shaving live rabbits, but I quit." 


What was the worst job you ever had? Comment below and let us know!