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Charlie Sheen's Amazing Ice Bucket Challenge, and a Roundup of More Celebrities' Videos 

 CHARLIE SHEEN did the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge," but instead of water, he dumped $10,000 IN CASH on his head.  He said he was donating all of it, and challenged "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre to match his pledge, as well as the show's stars Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer.

1.  Justin Timberlake did it with a bunch of other overly excitable people while wearing a Pink Floyd shirt.  If you're wondering WHAT IT MEANS . . . maybe he was expecting to feel comfortably numb?


2.  Robert Downey Jr. did it in a sweet-looking pool.


3.  Lady Gaga did it wordlessly, while wearing what appears to be a bondage-inspired one-piece bathing suit and black lipstick.  It was weird, naturally.


4.  Comedienne Amy Schumer accepted the ALS challenge in a bra and granny panties.  But instead of ice, she dumped a can of CLAM CHOWDER over her head.  We think it's clam chowder, but it could've been something else equally gross.


5.   Drake had a waste basket of ice water dumped on his head during a show . . . and then made all the ladies scream by taking off his shirt.


6.  Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre was drenched as he pet a dog sitting between his legs.  (???)  He called the ice, quote, "a little chilly."  The dog sensed something was happening, and ducked out of the way just in the nick of time.


7.  Ice-cold water makes Kerry Washington scream.

8.  James Franco did the challenge in a shower, wearing a Moby Dick shirt, and NO PANTS.  He covered his naughty bits though.


9.  Jimmy Kimmel actually had the ice water put directly IN his pants.  He repeatedly said, quote, "Oh my God, this is terrible . . . very, very cold."  (Warning:  He says the word NUTS.)


10.  I'm shocked that it took so long, but here's Vanilla Ice doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.  He said his grandpa died from the disease, and that he's donating $500.


11.  Britney Spears really did do the challenge.  However, her nominations may have been lip-synched.  (Warning:  She may or may not say the F-word at the end.  Probably not, but it's kind of amusing to think that she did.)


12.  Ben Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner did it together.  The Ice Bucket Challenge, I mean.  Technically, Ben got the ice, and then tackled Jennifer into a pool . . . but we'll let it slide.


13.  Miley Cyrus and her brother Braison did a RICE Bucket Challenge for some reason.


14.  The Rock showed off his muscles while getting brisk.


15.  Vanessa Hudgens screamed and cried away some laughs after getting the ice.

Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  (NC-17)  SARAH SILVERMAN went TOPLESS on the most recent episode of HBO's "Masters of Sex".


.  At this point, QUEEN LATIFAH really doesn't have to come out.  Especially thanks to these vacation pics, including one where she's kissing her girlfriend.




3.  VIN DIESEL decided to give his Facebook fans a shot of himself in the shower.




4.  He's no SCOTT EASTWOOD, but JACK NICHOLSON'S 22-year-old son RAY isn't a bad looking guy.




5.  BEYONCÉ under-boob alert!  Beyoncé under-boob alert!




6.  When ASHLEY GREENE's nipples want attention, they get attention.


7.  Here's RIHANNA wearing some kind of weird, see-through skirt-type thing with marijuana leaves and other nonsense.  And she's grabbing her crotch.  Of course.



(The guys on "Mystery Science Theater 3000" must have been PSYCHIC.  They predicted the onstage moves of Rihanna, Miley, Britney, Nicki and Beyoncé, before any of them were adults.  Heck, Miley wasn't even BORN.)




8.  For their sixth anniversary, PORTIA DE ROSSI surprised ELLEN DEGENERES by having a skywriter write the word "SIX" in the sky.




9.  NICKI MINAJ posted several photos from her "Anaconda" video, in which she's giving DRAKE a lapdance.  Drake reposted several of them, including one in which Nicki's hand is in a very taboo location.




10.  A farm in New Jersey has a DEREK JETER corn maze.




11.  Sexy Video:  JESSICA ALBA threw out the first pitch at the Dodgers game on Sunday.  Her form was good and the distance was there . . . but she was way outside.

Matthew McConaughey Says You Can Still Wear Fanny Packs . . . But You Have to Wear Them To the Side 

Do not fear the fanny pack.  That's the word from MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY, who wore his PROUDLY at Sunday's Houston Astros game.  He said, quote, "You gotta kinda put it on the side to make it look a little not-as-nerdy, but still . . . I got so much gear in here that I don't want in my pockets, I'm not afraid of the fanny pack."

Val Kilmer Will Sell You a Piece of Sheet Metal with The Word "God" Painted On It . . . For the Low, Low Price of $1,000 

VAL KILMER's website has a store . . . where you can buy pieces of sheet metal that he painted the word "God" on.  They "only" cost $1,000.  He also has blocks with "God" painted on all sides, which he's selling for $500 to $750.


Robin Williams Used to Help Homeless People Get Jobs 



Here's another of the many, many, MANY reasons it sucks that ROBIN WILLIAMS is dead:  Whenever he got a job, he made whoever hired him also give jobs to homeless people.



One guy who tried to book Robin for a speaking gig a while back says, quote, "He actually had a requirement that for every single event or film he did, the company hiring him also had to hire a certain number of homeless people and put them to work.



"There was no publicity surrounding it, and it wasn't widely known.  Who knows how many lives he changed by doing that.  He was really trying to help people out that were down on their luck."

Lindsay Lohan Will Write Her Memoir . . . As a Trilogy? 

LINDSAY LOHAN says her memoir could be a TRILOGY.  And she adds that she wants it to be an inspiration to troubled kids . . . quote, "I've experienced all that, so if I could help a boy or a girl . . . I've been bullied in school from doing movies and going back to regular school.  If I could help other kids with that . . . that's why I am doing the book."

"Saturday Night Live" Announcer Don Pardo Has Died 

Legendary "Saturday Night Live" announcer DON PARDO died last night.  He was 96.  Pardo was already a 31-year veteran at NBC when he was tapped to do "SNL" in 1975.  He'd been with the show ever since, except for the 1981 - '82 season.  He and BOB HOPE were the only two people with lifetime contracts at NBC.

Tuesday TV Reminders:



"Candid Camera" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on TV Land.  An apartment with no bathroom . . . and some rappers are prompted to do freestyle rap with fake words.



"America's Got Talent" . . . 9:00 to 11:00 P.M. on NBC.  Twelve more acts perform for the quarterfinals at Radio City Music Hall.



"Face Off" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Syfy.  The 11 artists are told to mash up two animals to create a new species.



"Drunk History" . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on Comedy Central.  John Adams and Thomas Jefferson campaign for president . . . the Continental Army trains for the American Revolution . . . and Benedict Arnold switches sides.

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" - Pierce Brosnan, Tavi Gevinson, and the Madden Brothers.



"Late Night with Seth Meyers" - Anna Paquin, Marc Maron, and Elizabeth Karmel.  (Repeat)



"Letterman" - Joseph Gordon-Levitt, tennis stud Novak Djokovic, and country singer Robby Johnson.



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Chloe Grace Moretz, MMA fighter Jon "Bones" Jones, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  (Repeat)



"Carson Daly" - Freida Mock, Sirah, and a look at the movie "Bad Words".  (Repeat)



"Conan" - Jessica Alba, Marcus Haney, and Tove Lo.



"Craig Ferguson" - Susan Sarandon, and Garrison Keillor.  (Repeat)



"Chelsea Lately" - Chloe Grace Moretz.



Both "Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" are off this week.  They'll return on Tuesday, August 26th.

"Spider-Man 2" and "Rosemary's Baby Are Out on DVD



Here's what's new on DVD today:


"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" . . . starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.  We won't spoil it for you if you're one of the few people who still haven't seen the movie.  I'll just say Jamie Foxx is Electro, Paul Giamatti is the Rhino, and Dane DeHaan is Harry Osborn . . . a.k.a. the Green Goblin.


"The Quiet Ones" . . . Jared Harris from "Mad Men" is a college professor experimenting on the supernaturally gifted Olivia Cooke from A&E's "Bates Motel"Sam Claflin from "The Hunger Games" movies is the guy filming the experiments.


"Rosemary's Baby" . . . starring Zoe Saldana as the unsuspecting incubator for the devil's fetus.  "Suits" star Patrick J. Adams plays her husband and Jason Isaacs is their mysterious benefactor in Paris.



Plus, the 11th season of "NCIS", the sixth season of "Parks & Recreation", the fifth seasons of "NCIS: Los Angeles", "The Good Wife", and "Parenthood", the fourth season of "Boardwalk Empire", the third season of "Once Upon a Time",


And the second seasons of "Revolution" and "The Mindy Project".




Here's what's new in the past week to Netflix Instant Streaming:


"The Nut Job" stars Will Arnett as a squirrel banished from the park after destroying everyone's winter food supply.  So he cooks up a scheme to rob a nut store in the city.  Brendan Fraser, Katherine Heigl and Liam Neeson are also in it.


"Hamlet & Hutch" stars Burt Reynolds as a former Broadway star who moves in with his granddaughter after he starts showing signs of Alzheimers.


"In the Name of the King 3:  The Last Mission"Dominic Purcell from "Prison Break" is a hitman thrown back in time to fight to save a kingdom in the Middle Ages.

The Motley Crue Tribute Album is Up Against New CDs from Ace Frehley, Dragonforce, and Wiz Khalifa



"Nashville Outlaws:  A Tribute to Motley Crue".



The tracklist includes Rascal Flatts doing "Kickstart My Heart", LeAnn Rimes on "Smokin' In The Boys Room", Justin Moore on "Home Sweet Home", Brantley Gilbert on "Girls Girls Girls", and the sexy Lauren Jenkins has "Looks That Kill".



The other artists on the disc are Darius Rucker, Gretchen Wilson, Florida Georgia Line, Big & Rich, the Mavericks, Aaron Lewis, the Cadillac Three, the Eli Young Band, and "Voice" winner Cassadee Pope.



There's also a duet from "Nashville" costars Sam Palladio and Claire Bowen, who play Gunnar and Scarlett on the show.  You can listen to Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx talking about the album and how it crosses over for country fans here.



"Space Invader", Ace Frehley.  It includes a cover of the Steve Miller Band song "The Joker".



"The Second Record", Tracii Guns League of Gentlemen



"Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Maroon 5" . . . including lullaby versions of "She Will Be Loved", "This Love", and "Moves Like Jagger".



"Maximum Overload", Dragonforce . . . the prog rock band that went mainstream because of "Guitar Hero".



"Songs From November", a mellow solo album from Neal Morse of the prog rock band Spock's Beard.

"We Will Reign", the debut album of The Last Internationale



"Great Divide", the Scottish alt rock band Twin Atlantic



"In Tongues", Roadkill Ghost Choir



"Benjamin Booker", the self-titled debut of guitarist Benjamin Booker



"Don't Disconnect", Sarah Jaffe



"Rocco Deluca", Rocco Deluca



"The Golden Echo", Kimbra



"Blacc Hollywood", Wiz Khalifa



"Ignite the Night", country singer Chase Rice, runner-up from "Survivor: Nicaragua".



"Even the River Runs", the debut album of country singer Joel Crouse



"Influence Vol. 2: The Man I Am", Randy Travis.  The follow-up to last year's album of cover songs that influenced Randy's career.  It's streaming at

Five Random Facts For Tuesday

1.  Billboards are banned in Vermont, and have been since 1968.



2.  Vanna White hasn't actually flipped a letter in 17 years.  In 1997, "Wheel of Fortune" changed their set so the letters were computerized, not manual . . . ever since, she's just touched the letters.



3.  Less than two-thirds of Americans who go to four-year colleges end up graduating.



4.  The original "Super Mario Brothers" is only 40 kilobytes.  To put that in perspective, that's about 87 times smaller than the average mp3.



5.  John Quincy Adams is the only U.S. president who ever served in Congress after he was out of office.  He spent 17 years in the House of Representatives after he lost to Andrew Jackson . . . and died while he was still in office.



(Adweek / Time / New York Times / Official Nintendo Magazine / About)

Science Proves Lesbian Sex Is More Satisfying

A new study found that women are more likely to climax when they're with another WOMAN than when they're with a man.  Women in hetero relationships climax 63% of the time they have sex.  Women in lesbian relationships climax 75% of the time.



50% of People Who Get Divorced Regret It . . . Here Are the Top Ten Reasons


According to a new survey, 50% of people who get divorced end up regretting it.  The top five reasons are they end up missing the other person . . . they feel like a failure . . . they realize they weren't being reasonable . . . they discover they still love the other person . . . and they find out they're lonely without them.

(Daily Mail)

A Guy Fakes His Own Death to Get Out of His Wedding

A 23-year-old guy in Connecticut was a few weeks away from marrying his long-distance fiancée in England . . . when she got a call saying he'd KILLED himself.  She called his family to talk, and it turned out he'd actually FAKED his death just to get out of the wedding.

(Daily Mail)

It Now Costs $245,000 to Raise a Child . . . Not Including College


According to the newest report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it now costs an average of $245,000 to raise a child . . . NOT including college.  That includes housing, food, transportation, clothing, health care, education, childcare, and random things like haircuts and presents.

(CNN Money)

What Do You Miss Most About Life Before the Internet?

What do you miss the most about life before the internet?  Some of the most popular answers are:  Being a stupid kid without having it permanently preserved on Facebook . . . making prank calls . . . record stores . . . and catching up with someone by actually talking to them, not Facebook stalking them.



Pumpkin Spice Oreos Are Coming

The pumpkin spice products are coming.  It looks like the newest limited edition Oreo flavor is Pumpkin Spice Oreos.  They should go on sale soon, probably at either Target or Walmart.


The Honda Accord Is the Most Stolen Car in the U.S. . . . But Car Theft Is at Its Lowest Point in 46 Years

The National Insurance Crime Bureau just released its report on the most stolen cars of 2013 . . . and the Honda Accord came in first.  But there were fewer than 700,000 car thefts last year . . . the lowest since 1967.




GENE RODDENBERRY  (1921 - 1991"Star Trek" GENIUS.


Jonathan Frakes is 62.  Commander Riker on "Star Trek:  The Next Generation".


Diana Muldaur is 76.  Sexy Doctor Pulaski on "Star Trek:  The Next Generation".



Lil' Romeo is 25.  Young urban troubadour sired by The Master P.



Erika Christensen is 32"Swimfan" star who played Michael Douglas' daughter in "Traffic".  These days she plays Lauren Graham's sister on "Parenthood".



Rissi Palmer is 33.  Cocolicious African-American country singer.  Check out her cover of Jordin Sparks' R&B song "No Air" on her SoundCloud page.

Fat Joe is 44.  Chubby urban troubadour who got the cool kids singing "Lean Back".



Matthew Perry is 45.  Chandler on "Friends" and Oz in "The Whole Nine Yards".  Still trying desperately to get another sitcom . . . ANY sitcom . . . off the ground.  This fall, he's starring in a new version of "The Odd Couple".  He'll play Oscar Madison to Thomas Lennon's Felix Unger.



Tabitha Soren is 47.  Former MTV newsminx.



Lee Ann Womack is 48.  Country minx.  Biggest hit:  "I Hope You Dance".



Kyra Sedgwick is 49"The Closer".  Kevin Bacon gets to nail her anytime he wants to!



Kevin Dillon is 49.  Matt Dillon's younger brother . . . who was Johnny "Drama" Chase on "Entourage".  Also awesome in "Platoon" and the 1988 remake of "The Blob".



Peter Gallagher is 59.  Sandy Cohen on "The O.C.".  He was also the real estate agent in "American Beauty" who gave his business to Annette Bening REAL good.  These days he's on "Covert Affairs" on USA.



John Deacon is 63.  Bassist for Queen.



Tipper Gore is 66.  Al Gore was a bore.  And he was so big he made her sore.  So she's not nailing him anymore.



Gerald McRaney is 67"Simon & Simon" and "Major Dad" superstar . . . AND Delta Burke's ho.

Ian Gillan is 69.  Deep Purple's lead singer AND Jesus in the ORIGINAL cast recording of "Jesus Christ Superstar".  One of the absolute greatest singers . . . and screamers . . . in rock and roll.



Fred Dalton Thompson is 72.  Senator-turned-actor.  He WAS the D.A. on "Law & Order" but he quit the show to briefly run for president.



Johnny Nash is 74.  "I Can See Cleeeeaaaarly Now The Raaaaain Is Gone . . ."



Ginger Baker is 75.  INSANE Drummer for Cream.  There's a documentary about him called "Beware of Mr. Baker", and it's AWESOME.  This man is wonderfully, frighteningly insane.  Even if you don't like Cream, you need to see it.

Willie Shoemaker  (1931 - 2003)  Legendary jockey.



Orville Wright  (1871 - 1948)



Ogden Nash  (1902 - 1971)  Witty poet who came up with "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."

Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 10 days to Labor Day Weekend

• 19 days to Grandparents Day

• 20 days to International Literacy Day

• 23 days to September 11th

• 31 days to Talk Like a Pirate Day

• 885 days left of "Hope and Change"

85 years ago . . . In 1929, "Amos & Andy" debuted in syndication on NBC radio.

80 years ago . . . In 1934, 90% of the Krazy Kraut voters elected ADOLF HITLER to the German presidency.



54 years ago . . . In 1960, Russia sent the dogs BELKA ("Squirrel") and STRELKA ("Little Arrow") into orbit aboard the SPUTNIK 5.  They were the first space dogs to live to "tell the tail".  (HI-YO!)  1957's Sputnik 2 wasn't designed for recovery and Laika ("Barker") died in space.



47 years ago . . . In 1967, THE BEATLES' "All You Need Is Love" hit #1 on the pop charts.  On the same day, RINGO STARR and his very lucky wife, Maureen, had a baby boy named Jason.



41 years ago . . . In 1973, RITA COOLIDGE and KRIS KRISTOFFERSON got married in Malibu, California.  They divorced in 1980.

41 years ago . . . In 1973, "ENTER THE DRAGON" WAS REREASED!  Sadry, 32-year-ord martial arts regend BRUCE REE died in Hong Kong just THREE WEEKS before the movie's premiere.



38 years ago . . . In 1976, KISS hit #1 on charts with "Beth" . . . the moving ballad sung by the irreplaceable PETER CRISS(You can watch Peter perform "Beth", backed by a symphony orchestra, here.)



21 years ago . . . In 1993, KIM BASINGER married ALEC BALDWIN AND his hairy back.  They divorced in January of 2001.  Alec still has the shoulder-fur.



Nine years ago . . . In 2005, the company that made the painkiller VIOXX (Merck & Co.) was ordered by a jury to pay $253 MILLION to the widow of a 59-year-old man named Robert Ernst, who died from it.  (Unfortunately, Texas has a cap on punitive damages so that was reduced to $26 million.)



Four years ago . . . In 2010, Operation Iraqi Freedom officially ended when the last brigade of our combat troops left Iraq.  I hear things are fantastic there now.  We really went in there and turned things around!



Two years ago . . . In 2012, "Top Gun" director Tony Scott committed suicide by jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in the Long Beach area of L.A.  He was 68.