Do you have a nickname or have you given someone a nickname? If you said yes to either of those questions, you need to weigh in for today's Text Question of the Day.

What's a secret (or not so secret) nickname you have for/with someone?

  • My coworker has the nickname Juicy because her name was spelled wrong on her badge lol.
  • It’s Michele from Ireland! My friends nicknamed me in college Mishe (sounds like Fishy with an M) because there where too many Michele’’s stuck. Some people don’t know my real name!
  • I called my sister tissue tits. All the tissue paper disappeared at Xmas. She called me bucko cause of my teeth!
  • My dad called me “Squirt” now that I am an adult.... Offended! lmao, jk it is what it is
  • We called our neighbor Carole Bush. She would lay out in the sun in summer in a much too small bikini bottom. She needed a wax!! 😂
  • My dad calls me Deaner no idea why my names stephanie so its not like a shortened version but hes called me that since i can remember
  • I call my sister, Amber Swenor, cute sister. It’s even in my phone that way and when I introduce her to people that’s the way I will do it, this is my Cute Sister Amber
  • Fly
  • ....JOYCE.....
  • I have always called my son “my little sweet pea”. One night when he was about 7 or 8 when I was tucking him into bed i kissed him goodnight and said “I love you, my little sweet pea.” But he thought I said “sheep pee.” We both laughed so hard and it’s stuck. It’s our little inside joke. He’ll always be my little sheep pee.
  • Lord the names I was called is quite the collection thanks to my neighbor boys growing up! Pastey, tastey, pesticide, boom babba, thumper, lumps, lumpy. My entire 4 year high school career I was called Lumpy by most every one of my Male friends, obviously reason was my.....lumps.
  • In high school one of my best friends had her locker just a couple down from mine. We would walk with each other to the classes we had together and who ever was ready first always said “are you ready Freddie?” So both of us started calling each other Freddie. She’s in my phone as Freddie too. Delainna Jellema has been my BFF Freddie for 15 years.
  • I'm in my 19 year olds sons phone under "Maw." In my 14 year old daughter's phone as "birth giver" currently (that one changes sometimes to everything except mom lol) and my 8 year old son thinks hes British and calls me Mum or Mummy. I called my oldest Pippy for years when he was younger. Started out as pip squeak.
  • There used to be a guy that came into our work and was a friend of the bosses. I always called him Dufus. I called him that so many times when he wasn't there that one day he came in and I actually said hi Dufus, TO HIS FACE! OMG, I almost died after I said it.
  • Spoogle. My son’s classmates nicknamed him this (Spencer+Google). Instead of googling the answer to a history question, they ask Spencer.
  • I am a huge My Chemical Romance fan & one time someone referred to me as My Chemical Milf I was not upset lol
  • Bonnie Parker....curious to know if anyone knows who she is, with out looking her up
  • My hubby and I call each other Pookiedough
  • My daughter calls me moo and she's my punks.
  • I call my step mom stepmonster.
  • Aubby dobby, and Remy dem
  • My sister has called me Erica Jean Castlebury Fudge since we were little
  • My kids are Nae Nae Goose and Smelly Belly
  • I call my daughter Meri and her name is Leah!
  • eagle eye
  • I have a couple. First one is goober and I honestly don't know why and my other one is krackhead/krackerhead/krackalacka cuz back in the day alot of things went over my head and under my toes
  • My nieces name is Jessica. Her younger brother couldn't say Jessica. He called her ca-ca. I still call her that to this day. She's 29. Lol
  • Shirtless. We have a neighbor that never wears a permitting. Lol when we moved in he came over and introduced himself with no shirt, I thought it was strange. But, he is always shirtless. So that is what we call him, and everyone in the neighborhood knows who you are talking about when you say shirtless. 😂 🙅‍♀️ 👕
  • My secret nickname for an old manager of mine was Anna banana
  • A nickname I got from friends was “Durr” because anytime I would focus really hard when I would shoot billiards I would stick my tongue out and make a derp face lol
  • We nicknamed one of our friends Fish because anytime someone doesn’t finish their beer, or alcoholic drink, one of our friends just chugs it like he is a fish underwater
  • The GPS lady is Alice wedgy butt
  • Whenever I've stopped dating someone for being stupid, I edit their contact info in my phone to read "Stupidhead Mike" or "Stupidhead Fred". I also change their ring and message tone to yell "Stupid" if they contact me in the future. I love that I never randomly scroll past their name because they are all clumped together under "S" for Stupidhead. I laugh so hard when I hear that "stupid" message tone when they keep texting. Does anybody else do something similar to make light of a dark situation?

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