Cleaning out a purse is a chore in itself but it's always nice to see what you can discover dug deep into it. I love when I find things that I forgot I had or thought I lost. But a woman, from Ireland, really hit the jackpot (literally) when cleaning out her over-stuffed purse.

UPI reports that the woman was going through her purse earlier this week. In the midst of doing so she discovered a few lotto tickets that she forgot she had.

On the news, they announced that someone from her hometown, in Ireland, had won the jackpot. Not thinking too much of it, she took her tickets to the score and scanned them. One of those tickets happen to be the winner!

The grand prize was $175,000 and she ended up taking home just over $157,000.

People say you can tell a lot based on what's in a woman's purse... maybe that could mean richer ;)

When did you unexpectedly find money? OR

What interesting thing is in your purse right now?