I've lived in Grand Rapids for 15-years now and am always amazed at how far I will go to avoid certain traffic lights that are either too long, too congested or simply don't make any sense at all!

Here's my Top 5 Worst Traffic Lights in town:

East Beltline at 28th Street - it's toooooo long, don't you think?  Actually, you can take your time to think over just about anything while you sit at that light!

College at Michigan - It's not only by Spectrum downtown and GRCC,  it's also by the I-196 interchange and is always a bear to get into either of the gas stations on the north and southeast corners of the intersection or the Bagel Beanery on the northwest corner.

Lake Drive at Eastern Avenue - has become a huge pain since the northwest bound lanes narrow to one once you go through the intersection.  Since my name is Sabrina, and I'm a creature of habit when it comes to driving, I get stuck in the right lane that ends everytime!

I-96 at 28th Street -  There's an awful lot of things going on in this section of town.  First of all this is where M-6 hooks-up with I-96 or ends on 28th Street.  Second, there are dozens of businesses that draw major traffic to the area and it has become one of those "Okay, I really need to pay attention" type of intersections or else you're going to get hit!

Fulton at Division - Getting a green light downtown Grand Rapids is a huge victory!  However, at this intersection you can count on not only stopping there, but also getting behind a city bus (westbound) if you happen to be in the right lane that is the coveted lane for heading through the downtown to either get to the hospital or highway on your way out of town.  You will often see police cruisers and emergency vehicles pulling in and out of their garage that is beneath the police station on Louis at Fulton.  I could go on, but you get the picture and know exactly what I'm talkin' 'bout if you live or drive in this area!!

Traffic lightsWho can live with them and who can live without them?  It's time we all deal with it and take a little (or a lot) of extra time to get where we need to go everyday.  How's that for a positive, non-road rage attitude?

What are your Worst Traffic Light picks for GR?  Feel free to leave a comment below and share this with a friend.