Yesterday was National Hot Dog Day so I asked you who has the best dog in town and I received a TON of calls. I easily got over 20 calls with so many different options. Yesterdog, The Corner Bar, Dog Pit, Johnny B's, and the list goes on and on. I didn't know where to go with all these awesome places being thrown at me. So decision time came and I decided to go with Yesterdog for the following reasons: 1) It's close to work & 2) I kept hearing it's a "staple" in Grand Rapids.

When I arrived I immediately noticed the old school cash registers... totally cool! Then I noticed the decor, which is absolutely awesome! I think it was really smart on their part to not update it and keep it as is. So anyway I decided to go with two hot dogs... the Yesterdog and the Ultradog which basically are the same thing except the Ultra has cheese on it. I was totally pumped to finally dig in and experience this amazingness that people kept talking about.

I took my first bite and was satiated! Mmm the different flavors of the chilli, and all the toppings were heaven in my mouth. I especially love the shredded pickles! However, the only thing I would change is the bun, because it was kind of soggy. A toasted bun probably would've done the trick. Overall, I give Yesterdog a rating of 7/10. If it weren't for the buns It probably would've been an 8/10. And for those of you who think I'm crazy for not giving it a 10 it's because I yet to try a hot dog that is as good as a Coney Dog from Detroit! The closest that's come as good is a Chicago Dog from Portillo's in Chicago.

My hot dog adventure isn't over yet though! I've got many places left to try and I will document them as I go along.

I posted a picture of my hot dogs from yesterday and I was so hungry and excited that I took a first bite before taking a picture LOL good thing I remembered after the first bite and not after I dieseled the entire thing.

Christine George