We all love our animals, but there's one thing that none of us love - pet odors. It's one thing to bathe our dogs or clean up the messes that our pets make, but it's another to get rid of the lingering smell they often leave behind.

You can steam, spray, scrub - but nothing ever seems to fully get rid of those smells. Enter ZEROREZ® and their solution. While traditional carpet cleaners will take care of what you can see on the surface and make you think that the carpet is clean, ZEROREZ® goes deeper.

Often times, the mess has spread beyond just he surface carpet and gets into the carpet padding and even the floor beneath. In fact, the mess below can be a lot bigger than what you saw on the surface. ZEROREZ®'s proprietary solution neutralizes the urine, breaking it down so that the odor causing bacteria can be easily removed. Then, their specialized tools enable them to completely remove the stink from the carpet's surface all the way down to the padding underneath. Just like that - no more stink! The greatest part? ZEROREZ®'s process doesn't use any detergents or harsh chemicals, so they're safe for your fur baby (and human babies, too).

Unfortunately, they don't offer dog washing services, but never fear! You can take your dog out to the World's Largest Dog Wash to benefit Gilda's Club at Fifth Third Ball Park on Sunday, July 28th. While you're there, stop by the ZEROREZ® booth and chat with them about removing pet odors from your home!

Want Zerorez to get rid of the pet odors in your home? Call (616) 288-4644 or visit zerorezgrandrapids.com to schedule your service.