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On April 15th, we spoke with:

  • Guitarist Donald Kinsey
  • Lauren LaTarte and Whitney Budden of Social Charity Club of GR

Lauren LaTarte and Whitney Budden of Social Charity Club of GR

I'll talk with Lauren LaTarte and Whitney Budden of Social Charity Club of Grand Rapids about the club's mission and goals, the charities they work with and how to get involved, the events they host.

You can learn more about Social Charity Club of Grand Rapids at
And on Facebook at

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Guitarist Donald Kinsey

Donald's played guitar for blues legend Albert King; reggae greats Bob Marley and Peter Tosh and The Kinsey Report.  He can be heard playing around Grand Rapids regularly with his own band.

He's had an incredible career in music playing with legends like Albert King, Bob Marley, and Peter Tosh! Donald and I chat about the first time his father and blues musician, "Big Daddy" Kinsey gave him a guitar, joining up to play and tour with the legendary blues guitarist, Albert King when he was just a teenager, how he crossed paths with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh to end up in the center of the Reggae universe, about what it was like to be in same room with Bob Marley when assassins opened fire, the volatility of Jamaica during the 70's, playing with his brothers in The Kinsey Report, touring with the Rolling Stones, why he chose to set down roots here in Grand Rapids, the soon to be released Bob Marley documentary that he's part of, his band he performs with around Grand Rapids, and his passion for helping young musicians.

You can learn more about Donald and his music at http://
And on Facebook at

The West Michigan premiere of Marley at Wealthy Theatre on Saturday, April 20 at 8pm

Donald will be performing a birthday show at Billy's in Eastown May 12.

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I'm really looking forward to introducing you to folks around West Michigan every week who are helping to positively shape our area with their music, their art, their bold business ideas, and the causes they're passionate about!

~Paul Jendrasiak

Tom and Jake Scheidel also join me to chat about the 8th annual Jake's Music Festival to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. We talk about the eclectic group of musicians that will be performing, about some of the important things people should understand about Juvenile Diabetes, and those who help make Jake's Music Festival possible.

You can learn more about Jake's Music Festival at: