With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc it's hard for people not to binge watch their favorite shows.

According to PR Newswire, a survey done by accounting firm, Deloitte,  70% of Americans binge watch TV and watch an average of 5 episodes when they do. Also, almost half (46%) of Americans are subscribed to a video streaming service.

Some other findings include:

  • 53% of people who binge watch choose TV dramas
  • People ages 26-32 pay for at least 3 streaming subscriptions
  • 35% of people ages 50-68 binge watch at least once a week and average 4 episodes per sitting

"The survey data indicates that consumers are more willing than ever to invest in services to watch whenever, wherever and on whatever device they choose."

Based on the data, this is predicted to grow even more.

However, when people are binge watching, they're usually doing something else at the same time. More than 90% are multitasking while watching TV, including texting, surfing the internet or on social media.

In addition, the survey found that social media sites has surpassed the television as the most popular source for news, specifically for millennials. 85% of Americans are on social media and 58% check theirs daily.

What show are you currently binge-watching?