I am a reader. I love reading, it's a great way to escape your every day lives (mainly the stressful parts!) One of the books I read and fell in love with was "How to kill a Rock Star" by Tiffanie Debartolo. This is one of "those books" you know what I mean? The kind you can't put down, and you constantly sit and think about the characters and what is going to happen next?

"How to Kill a Rock Star" is essentially about a young journalist, and the boy she falls in love with (the rock star). I had to share this one, with so many books about vampires and other paranormal happenings why not find a book that isn't about that!

If you don't want to take my word on this fabulous book (I mean how well do you really know me, right?) Then check out a different review HERE and if you are a sappy dappy reader gal like myself, and want to really dive in deep; I interviewed the amazing author a year or so back! you can check it out below!