Just in time for Halloween is the deliciously dark A.1. Halloween Whopper from Burger King. And what makes this new burger dark? The buns are black!

How exactly? A.1. Sauce is baked into the buns causing the color.

According to NBC News:

We tailored the flavor of the black bun to the American palate with A.1. sauce, a flavor this country loves, and we're delivering it in a way that's never been done before by baking it into the bun," said Burger King Chief Marketing Officer Eric Hirschhorn in a press release. "It may look Japanese but it tastes like America."

If you weren't aware, Burger King has already been selling black (and red) burgers in Japan but they use squid ink, instead, to get the color. Let's just hope BK isn't playing a Halloween prank on America.

You have a chance to taste this new concoction now through October 31st. Do you dare try it?