I've mentioned this website numerous times, and can officially tell you IT WORKS!

First off, no I'm not being paid by anyone to tell you about this site. I'm recommending this because I ended 2014 in a funk, used this for 2015, and easily had one of the most productive years in my adult life.

The website is YearCompass.com. The basic idea is that you reflect on the year that's ending, and plan the year that's coming into play. You can call them resolutions if you want, but my opinion is it digs deeper. It helps you understand where you want to go and how to get there from where you currently are.

You print out the booklet, reflect, and fill the pages out. They suggest doing this in a group, I suggest doing it alone. I base that on my success from 2015.

So what's this success I'm talking about? Well, without getting into too much detail I titled 2015 the year of action, and holy cow there was a ton of action. Heading to college for the first time as a 31 year old, paying off all my debt, and getting an actual workout plan going were 3 HUGE life changing strategies I put into action in 2015, and by year's end I'm happy to say my big 3 have been completed. Thanks to 2015 I can comfortably name 2016 "the year of results," as I will be seeing some results in the first quarter of the year.

To be totally honest, I was lost at the end of 2014 and this helped me direct my focus for 2015. If you find yourself in a funk, need a change, lost, etc you need to give this a try.

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