You almost got hit today, and it would have been your fault.

Before I get going with this, let me give you background on me. I do get aggravated with people while driving, but I don't consider myself an angry or aggressive driver. I have a few tickets for speeding from my early 20s, but no accident (thankfully), or no serious moving violations.

Also, I spent about 5 years of my life living up north and spending a ton of time in Petoskey and Traverse City. Why is that important? Because both towns have heavy pedestrian and bicycle traffic, so after awhile you learn how to be patient and share the road with people who aren't in cars.

With that said, I haven't had too many issues with people riding bicycles around town until today.

I'm driving down Fulton, coming from Eastown and headed into downtown. The light at the intersection before Division (bottom of the hill) turns red and everyone slows, EXCEPT for this maniac riding his bike.

I have another car to my left, and this joker comes barreling down the hill between our two moving cars, blows through the red light and continues with no regard for anyone else.

Funny thing, later on in the afternoon as I was walking across Monroe Avenue to get lunch, I see this SAME guy flying down the road and he almost took out people trying to cross the roads.

Here's the thing, I don't mind bicycles on the streets. Grand Rapids has done a great job at installing bike lanes around town, even though I will argue we need more. My problem comes with these people who think the traffic laws don't apply to them because they are riding a bicycle.

Sure, chances are if you blow through a red light, or illegally ride between two cars you're not putting anyone else in danger, but you're really risking your own life.

I can't speak for other drivers, but I know the blind spots in my car make it difficult to spot bicycles at times. If you're someplace around my car that you shouldn't be, that's on you.

Ride smart.