I think I'm starting to become somewhat of an advocate for living single. So, if you're heading into the weekend single, take some of this advice from Cosmo, it might make the sting hurt a bit less.

Here are some things to smile about when it comes to being single:

1.  You save money!

2.  You can eat what you want, when you want, no matter how gross it is.

3.  You have time to do whatever you want because you don't have to check with anyone else!

4.  Ladies don't have to worry about shaving their legs! Guys, we can let our beards grow wild and free.

5.  This is my favorite, NO ONE is messing with your Netflix recommendations. Only problem with that is you can't blame the bad recommendations on someone else.

6.  You're more likely to end up in a GREAT relationship when you least expect it. Why? Because you've stopped reaching for whoever will give you time.