Airplane food has been in a downward tailspin (pun intended) for well over 20 years. You used to know if you had to fly, you'd at least have a tasty meal waiting for you once you took off. But, just like the quality of flights in general, most of the 'meals' served on planes are barely edible, flavor-wise.

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Look how nice this is... airlines in 2024 could never.

However, the passengers of a flight out of Detroit this week got some airplane food that was actually as inedible as everyone jokes. Airline officials reported that a Delta flight from Detroit to Amsterdam had to be diverted to New York's Kennedy Airport on Wednesday after passengers were served spoiled food.

The redeye flight departed from Detroit around 11 p.m. on Tuesday, but landed in New York at 4 a.m. due to reports of spoiled food in the Main Cabin in-flight meal service, according to a Delta spokesperson. Emergency medical responders were on hand to meet the flight and treated 12 passengers, the Fire Department of New York stated.

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While it was not clear how many of the flight's 277 passengers consumed the spoiled food, Delta announced that an investigation would be conducted. Although this is troubling considering the fact they served food that was full of maggots on this same flight path earlier this year, only that time the flight was leaving from Amsterdam.

It's very troubling to see people getting sick in air, which could be the worst place to feel crummy. Thankfully, this is an isolated incident, and a rare one at that. Hopefully whatever happened here will be corrected ASAP.

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