Maybe I'm late to this party, but I was today years old when I discovered the TV show, "Good Girls". It's an NBC show but I binge watched it on Netflix. The next season is about to start so you can get caught up on Netflix. 

The 'Good Girls' IMDB page describes the show,

The series follows three suburban Michigan mothers, two of whom are sisters, who are having a hard time trying to make ends meet. They are tired of having everything taken away from them so they decide to pull off an unlikely heist by robbing a supermarket, only to discover that they're in for more than they bargained.

While watching the show, without knowing it at first, I discovered the show was based in Detroit. The suburbs of Detroit, to be precise. Although they haven't said specifically which one. A few times on the show, they reference crossing the border into Canada. A favorite scene was during Season 2 when Mae Whitman's character is sitting in her car. The radio is on. A woman on the radio is talking about something that happened in Grand Rapids. I like to kid myself that I was the inspiration for the scene. At least the disc jockey part!


Here's who stars: Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, Matthew Lillard, Manny Montana, Zach Gilford.

Here's when it airs: Mondays at 10:00pm/9c starting March 7 on NBC.

The show is described as a crime comedy drama.

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