Grand Rapids' very own version of "To-Catch-A-Predator" is back in the news again.  Zach Sweers of the YouTube channel "Anxiety Wars" was launched into the local spotlight after luring child predators into video sting operations around West Michigan.  These actions, however, were not without consequence.

Last month, Sweers announced that he was being sued by a subject of one of his videos.  Sweers was warned by local police that this was a real possibility and suggested that he should stop his vigilante actions.  Despite their warnings, Sweers continued to make videos for his channel.

Sweers and his company, Anxiety War LLC, are now being sued in the Kent County Circuit Court by Zachary Snoeyink who was featured on Sweers' YouTube channel.  The lawsuit is based off the notion that Sweers is making money off of the video that "exploits" Zachary Snoeyink.  Sweers claims on his GoFundMe page that he has not received revenue from any of the videos on his page and that Snoeyink's claim is frivolous.

Perhaps most ridiculously, I am being sued for using the Plaintiff’s name and image for monetary gain even though I have made NO MONEY on that video, other videos, or from my site NONE WHATSOEVER. My LLC hasn’t generated a penny either yet I’m being sued for making money off of the Plaintiff which is absolutely ridiculous. The accusations against me are baseless. - Zach Sweers, GoFundMe

Sweers has set his goal at $50,000 to hire a lawyer.  He is currently at about half of his goal.

What do you think about this situation?  Will you donate to Sweers' cause?