Her birth name was Rita May Campbell, and she was born at St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Rapids 48 years ago. Now, her family would love to be reunited with her.

Karen Marie Campbell (now Deckrow) was in college when she became pregnant with the baby, according to FOX-17. After the baby, named Rita Marie Campbell, was born on May 25, 1969, she was put up for adoption through Catholic Social Services.

Because it was a closed adoption, so no information was given to Deckrow about where the baby was going or who was adopting her. Rita Marie Campbell (or whatever she may have been renamed), may have Deckrow's information (or at least her name back when she gave birth), but not necessarily.

Deckrow went on to marry and have five more children - four daughters and one son.

She told WZZM-13 that she reached out to Catholic Social Services nearly 30 years ago and asked to have a note put in Rita's file. The note stated that if Rita were to contact them seeking information about her birth family, to please let Deckrow know. She hasn't heard anything since.

One of her daughters, Sara Deckrow Anthony posted a photo of the family on Facebook with a sign that reads,

Help Us Find Our Sister

Born: May 25, 1969

Birth Name: Rita Marie Campbell

St. Mary's Hospital - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mother: Karen Marie Campbell (maiden name)

Adoption Agency: Catholic Social Services

Memorable Feature: Bright Blue Eyes

Love, 4 Half Sisters, 1 Half Brother


And share, they have. The post has been shared on Facebook nearly 9,000 times.

If you know Rita Marie Campbell, or know somebody who does, you're encouraged to contact Sara Deckrow-Anthony. She an be contacted directly by email: Smapix@gmail.com.

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