Psychic Tammy Schuster celebrates Halloween today on the show!

I first met Tammy on Halloween a few years back when I was working up north in Traverse City. We had suspicions the radio station I worked at was haunted, we ended up getting some pretty crazy evidence, chairs rolling across the floor, etc.

Part of the ghost hunting crew that came in that night was Psychic Tammy Schuster. It didn’t take long for her to prove her gift as she pulled me aside, to my office, and started asking about my dad. My dad passed away when I was 15, and Tammy some how knew details about him NO ONE would know, and it was none of that generic stuff that skeptics like to use to debunk psychics. No, she was specific, she was so detailed it shocked me, still does to this day.

Since then we’ve been good friends. She’s offered great life advice and she even invited me on a ghost hunt at The Cottonwood Inn, up in Empire. Some CRAZY stuff happened that night. We all planned on staying, but shortly after midnight there was a convoy of cars driving pretty quickly away from the bed and breakfast. No one stayed. You can actually stay there yourself, and read about what goes on in The Haunted Travels Of Michigan: Spirits Rising.

If you want to go more in depth, get a hold of Tammy. Her readings really are life changing!