Snowball cookies are supposed to be Michigan's "most popular Christmas cookie" according to Google Trends. But here at in our office, they sit untouched for weeks.

USA Today poured through Google data to see which Christmas cookies are exceptionally popular in each state.

And Snowball Cookies are supposed to be the most popular in in Michigan.

So why is it, when there is a variety of cookies offered on a plate, no one, and I mean NO ONE will touch the stupid snowball cookies?

A quick refresher course before I go on. Snowball cookies are, according to Bigger Bolder Baking defined as:

Snowball cookies are an unusual combination of ground pecans, lots of butter, flour and a bit of sugar. The cookies themselves are not that sweet but are extremely rich from the butter and the nutty pecans. The combination of this almost savory interior with the sweet exterior of powdered sugar is just plain heavenly!

Is it?

It seems to me anything covered with powdered sugar is persona non grata when offered to the average snack craving individual.

Oh, sure, they'll eat them if there's nothing else offered, but if a plethora of sweet treats are on the plate, the powdered sugar covered crap will  be the last to go every darn time.

A case in point: here in our office someone left a plastic bin of Christmas cookies for everyone to enjoy this week. Look at the results in the photo below. No one touched the snowball cookies. I know this isn't scientific, but I swear it happens every Christmas.

That's quite a diss for "Michigan's Most Popular Christmas Cookie" wouldn't you say?

Jojo Girard/TSM
Jojo Girard/TSM

Maybe people just don't want to get the powdered sugar all over their Christmas finery, or maybe people think the cookies taste like dried compost board covered in sugar.

So try again, Google, you're drunk.

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