This weeks Internet Gold is ripe with video!  With Super Bowl XLV in the rear view mirror, I may as well feature the best thing to come out of the event... the commercials!  I also came across website that makes for some quick hilarious breaks while working at the office.  Well let's get it started, here is this weeks INTERNET GOLD....

Super Bowl XLV Commercials

The true highlight of this year's festivities were the over 50 brand new commercials aired last Sunday during the Super Bowl.  Do you prefer the creative commercials, or maybe the comedic spots... Which was your favorite, and do you even remember what the product being advertised was?  Well if you can't make up your mind or just can't remember, I found a site that offers up all of this year's advertising gems and more!  You can surf around the site and find Super Bowl commercials from as far back as 1973.

Mr. Joe Nameth endorses Noxzema, this commercial aired at Super Bowl VII.

And that was one of the fan favorites during the Super Bowl this year.  The production quality has increased a little huh?

This next website has a "WARNING ADULT CONTENT" label attached to it.  It is quite hilarious though.  You have no doubt stumbled into the world of auto correct on your phone... trying to type "I'm having General Tso's Chicken" but sending off "I'm having General toes Chicken".  More often than not, the error can be quite embarrassing.  And takes full advantage of this modern day version of the typo.

Click through hundreds of pages of auto correct errors.  Some of these submissions would leave people with a dumbfounded expression that I only dream of witnessing.  The picture to the left was one of my favorite submissions I found.  With literally thousands of errors posted already, and tons more being posted each day, you will never run out of smiles :)

I love facebook... I simply posted "Hey post some links to websites that women would like" and the flood gates opened!  My friend Katia posted a link to this website,  I signed up to see what it is all about and I'm pretty sure you will do the same after you see some of the deals they offer.  Just to give you an idea of the size of discount, the dress in the screenshot to the right is normally $149, but they offer it for $49.  Yeah... that's 66% off.  And the shoes in picture are almost 50% off!  So be sure to check this site out, they offer daily sales on designer clothing that just can't be beat!

It's not just for women's fashion either, it also has men's fashion, kid's clothing, housewares, and travel discounts.

Well that is it for this week, hope you enjoyed another edition of Internet Gold!