It's true! Many of us tell little lies to seem way smarter!

So, here's the truth. Most of us WISH we were smarter. So, when we're in certain social situations we LIE to make it seem like we're actually smarter than we are. Here's some common lies we tell...or hear.


1.  Lying about high-brow BOOKS we've read.


2.  Changing our appearance to look smarter . . . like wearing glasses.


3.  Looking up famous quotes to drop in conversation.


4.  Exaggerating our academic achievements.


5.  Pretending to be able to speak a foreign language.


6.  Exaggerating our job status.


7.  Pretending to know about WINE.


8.  Calling popular movies GARBAGE even though you secretly love them.


9.  Re-tweeting news to seem like we're up on current events.


10.  Frantically researching the news to try to have a few talking points before dinner parties. 


Pretty crazy but entirely true. Now, you know NOT to use these and you can call someone out when they lie to you! HA!