It's the important things in life.

A 35-year-old Florida man, Jake Booth, was in a coma almost two months ago after suffering complications from pneumonia. According to Inside Edition, his wife was told to unplug the machines and stop feeding him because they didn't think he'd wake up, and if he did he'd have possible brain damage. But his wife didn't give up.

48 days later, Booth opened his eyes and the first thing he said, when he woke up, was "I want Taco Bell." Thankfully, he also recognized and knew who his kids and family members were when he came to.

Unfortunately, though, because Booth had only been getting his food through a feeding tube, he couldn't get his tacos right away. He started off slow with applesauce and non-solid food and then, finally, 22 days later, he got his Taco Bell!

He ate 8 1/2 tacos in one sitting. Can you blame the guy? Any of us would do the same thing after not getting to eat tacos for over 2 months.

Of course, Taco Bell got word of this story and sent Jake and his family gift cards and sweatshirts.