Cricket [Christine George/Townsquare Media][/caption]I've met a lot dogs throughout my lifetime, and Cricket is definitely one of the friendliest and most social dogs! Cricket was transferred into the Humane Society of West Michigan from another shelter. She is a 4-year-old white Pitbull-Mix with black patches, even one on her eye sort of resembling Petey from the movie The Little Rascals. 

Cricket [Christine George/Townsquare Media][/caption]Cricket would make the perfect addition to your home because not only is she social and friendly but she is GREAT with other dogs. She's even involved in the playgroups at the shelter. However, Cricket is heartworm positive which means she has an additional $100 fee to help pay for the treatment. Once she is cured, though, she will live a long healthy life like she's supposed to. To learn more about heartworm visit the American Heartworm Society's website so you know what to expect.

Don't let the fact that Cricket is heartworm positive sway you from adopting her, she really is an amazing dog!

Last weekend, the Humane Society of West Michigan celebrated their Home for the Holidays event and ended up adopting out 73 total animals. 52 dogs, 20 cats and 1 rabbit all went to a home, just in time for the holidays.

Currently, the "Name Your Own Price" cat special is still going on, until the end of the month. This applies to cats 5 months and older.