If you've been having puppy fever cure it with Max, this week's 'Pet of the Week!'

Max is a 2-month-old Cur Mountain Dog/retriever mix who is SO adorable and after being in foster care for the first month of his life, he's now ready for his forever home. He's got energy and loves to give kisses as you can see in the picture below. He gave me lots of kisses and I was enjoying it which I'm sure you will too once you adopt Max :)

Christine George/TSM
Christine George/TSM

Keep in mind he's a puppy and puppies are a lot of work and responsibility. The Humane Society of West Michigan helps out with that because a puppy class is included in the price when you adopt a puppy, which is $300. Also, anytime you adopt an animal from the Humane Society of West Michigan they are neutered/spayed, up-to-date on vaccines and micro-chipped so they can be all ready for their new home.

Now that summer is approaching, you and your dog(s) might be spending a lot of time outside. If that's the case make sure to be on top with tick and flea prevention. Talk to your vet about what medication you should be giving your dog to prevent them from getting bit which can lead to different types of diseases such as Lyme disease or tick paralysis.

Finally, summer camp registration is STILL open and they begin in June. You can see the different classes being offered and get your kid(s) signed up.