Nala [Humane Society of West Michigan][/caption] 

Nala is a big girl with a big heart and she's up for adoption right now at the Humane Society of West Michigan.

Nala is a 7-year-old American Staffordshire Mix and I guarantee you will fall in love with her immediately! She is so friendly and loves people, including kids which means she would do great in any type of family. However, she is a bit choosy when it comes to other animals and dogs so it would be best if she was the only dog in the home. But if you really like Nala and have another dog at home the Humane Society would allow you to do a "dog meeting" to see how they would get along together.

Nala loves going on jogs and has a lot of energy but at the same she loves to lounge and chill. Because she's 7-years-old, Nala is part of the Silver Paws Society and is FREE to adopt!

Nala [Humane Society of West Michigan][/caption] 

Even if you aren't ready to make long-term commitment yet, Nala could also use a foster home. If you're interested in being a part of the foster care program you can contact the Humane Society of West Michigan and see if you would be a candidate. Once approved, you will get set up with the all needed supplies including food, treats, toys and medical needs. Nala has been in the shelter since May so she really could use a home right now. If you're interested in fostering Nala or any other pet, more information is available here.

Humane Society of West Michigan

If you like big dogs then now is the time to get into the Humane Society so you can adopt them at a discounted price! They are currently running a special called "I Like Big Mutts" and all dogs 40 pounds and over are only $100 to adopt. That saves you $75 whichcan be put towards spoiling your new furry friend even more :) The special goes on until funding runs out, which isn't known, so go in as soon you can!