We all have that "escape" where everyday for an hour or two we can just get away and focus on our attention on something completely different. Well this is my daily escape from reality.

After a long day of work and responsibilities the only thing you want to do is unwind.

I step outside of work mode and enter a world of dysfunctional families, long-lost children, corrupt and complicated (but super handsome) baby daddies, psychopaths, crime lords, and a laundry list of lies and secrets,. 

It sounds like a dangerous world but it’s an exciting one full of twists and turns, cliffhangers, and romance. Did I mention there’s a bunch of super attractive people too? 

Things and situations that you pray would never happen in real life (cuz chances are you won’t make it out alive… literally). BUT you can’t help it. You need to watch these life-altering moments taking place in front of your eyes. Day by day, week by week, sometimes month by month, or even years, you anticipate what’s going to happen next. 

When will Carly find out her husband is actually alive? Will Nina get revenge? Is Lulu ever going to wake up from her coma? When will Peter be exposed for all of his crimes and murders? Is Franco coming back from the dead? Who’s baby is going to get kidnapped next?

Welcome to Port Charles, NY. Home of General Hospital. The longest-running soap opera ever! This is my escape from reality. What’s yours?

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