I was so disappointed with the True Blood finale that I decided it was time that HBO heard about it.

Preface: If you haven't seen the True Blood finale 'Thank You', DO NOT read on. Spoilers are all over the place.


To whom it may concern:


I would like to start out this letter by saying that I am directly addressing the following persons:

Richard Plepler – Chairman and CEO of HBO

Casey Bloys – Executive Vice President, HBO Programming

Robert Roth – Executive Vice President and CFO of HBO

Alan Ball – Creator, “True Blood”: Though, I am aware of the fact that Alan Ball was no longer a creative voice on the show when the finale was written.

Any single person employed by HBO or “Your Face Goes Here” that had a hand in writing, directing, producing or even acting in this finale episode.


Let me begin by saying that I have been an avid “True Blood” fan for many years. Though, I didn’t watch religiously in the beginning I was soon ensconced after the second season premiered. My parents merely had HBO on their cable because it came with their “Premium Cable Package”. So, to say they used it ‘on a regular basis’ is a bold faced lie. Sure, there was the occasional movie viewing but, they could have done without it very easily.

That was until I found my obsession in ‘True Blood’. I mean, it was easy to fall in love with the characters. You had Sookie, the wholesome telepath, who was just looking for love in all the wrong places. Bill, the deep dark vampire that you knew had a HUGE heart. Eric, the general badass, who also surprised us all with his equally big heart sometimes.

All the characters made the show what it was. Following along with the story line was fairly easy. Season one: You had this psycho serial killer running around. Season two: Crazy maenad, Maryann. Season three: Russell Edgington, need I say more? Season four: Marnie the witch. Season five: Bill goes a little Bible Crazy. Season six: ‘Billith’ and the extermination of said ‘Billith’. Season seven: Hep-V.

I would love to go over why I loved this show until almost the end however, that’s not what this letter is concerning. I did love this show until season seven. In particular the finale, ‘Thank You’. I was willing to get over the fact that Tara, a series regular, died off screen protecting her crazy mom. I was willing to get over the fact that Alcide, another series regular, died in cold blood in a matter of seconds. Andy? Wasn’t he supposed to protect at least ½ of those fairy babies? Only one of them survived and that’s just all good? I guess, what I’m trying to say is that the show had a ton of loose ends that we all knew as fans just weren’t going to be neatly tied for us.

I certainly would love to say ‘Thank You’ to HBO for ‘Thank You’ however, this is downright impossible. The point of the whole show is Sookie Stackhouse and her relationship with Bill. Though they were on again, off again more times than I could even begin to count the show centered around their characters and that relationship.

I’m sorry to say that not only killing Bill, but having Sookie be the one to do it was more than a swing and a miss. The batter was in the football field. As a fan I appreciated the little moments that Sookie and Bill were having. You could tell that they had finally figured out that they were in love. However, it was obvious to ANYONE that Bill was not only ‘feeling’ human…he was BECOMING it. Feeling warm, the thought reading…and don’t even get me started on the portrait tears (a little more than blood in there…huh?). The fact that Sookie was being asked to give up not only her fairy powers but to kill Bill in the process is just INSULTING to the viewers who were planning on seeing this couple through. To have these two lovers ultimately stake Bill in the heart was just a piece of television garbage.

Now, I’m probably one of the few that was actually EXCITED to see Hoyt return to the cast. The fact that we hadn’t seen him in a few seasons was probably the primary reason that much of the final episode’s minutes saw him on screen. However, having Bill pretty much force the wedding between Jessica and Hoyt was just REDIC.

This entire show started to go downhill and this last season was really just a mockery of what could have been a GREAT show. It could have ended so much better. Even just having Sookie’s fae light turn Bill human would have been a better (albeit less believable) ending.

The worst part? This whole show followed the romantic relationships of Sookie. Who does she end up with? Oh yeah that’s right…we DON’T know. Annoying.

This is how I will conclude. I believe that I should, nay, DESERVE my money back. That’s $14 a month for the duration of this show. Even when I moved and got my own place I paid for HBO for this show. All to see Sookie serving lemonade on Thanksgiving to everyone who had this fairytale ending….what about HER? Sure the whole Eric and Pam thing was pretty neat, but even that story line couldn’t hold up the show at the end.

Nights went by where I lost sleep over the fact that this finale sucked so badly.

I will expect a check in the mail sometime next week.