In a world that runs high on touchy nerves and unchecked aggression, how far is too far?  How about when it comes to attacking one of your siblings with a crowbar over them taking a bite out of your piece of fried chicken?  Wait till you read how far this assault went, and WHO was really responsible for biting this guy's piece of chicken!

To keep this stupid incident easy to follow...

1) A brother accuses the other brother of taking a bite out of his piece of fried chicken & placing it back into the frying pan.

2) The accused brother denies the charge and suggests they take it outside.

3) Brother who accused the other takes a tire iron to his brother's head, leaving a 3 inch laceration.

4) Brother with large gash on his head gets shovel from neighbor's house.

5) Mom calls police due to her two sons trying to kill each other.

6) Mom confesses to police that SHE is the one responsible for taking a bite out of the said piece of chicken.

Feel free to read more on the UPI's website to see if I missed something.  Click here!