Since I'm new to Michigan, I have to know ... are they "tennis shoes" or "sneakers"?

I always called them tennis shoes until I lived in Philadelphia; at a radio station event, I called them "tennies" and the mom looked at me as though I had three heads.  On the east coast, they are "sneakers."

Anyway, my wife and I realized it was time for some new sneakers.  My Under Armour's and her Nike's were really starting to age.  Taking the dog out into soggy land at our apartment building didn't help, either. So we set on a journey to find new ones.

For men with big feet, apparently it's a rule that they'll never have the ones you like in your size.  Finding size 13's for me is like finding a pot of gold at the end of  rainbow.

For women, another rule - a new one, apparently - is that sneakers must come in the most obnoxious colors available.  My wife hates having shoes with loud colors.  And nearly every pair we found had some variation of pink, bright green or blue.  Or they were mostly white.

What's up with that?   As a woman, do you REALLY want those colors, or are the shoe makers just throwing (up) some colors and hoping you buy them?