Although there are many joys to being a parent, one of the most uncomfortable and awkward parts of it include talking to your kids about sex, drugs and alcohol. You obviously want your children to be educated but it can be hard figuring out what to say and WHEN to talk to your kids about these things. Most might think they can wait until their child has officially become a teenager. Unfortunately, that isn't the case... at least as far as alcohol goes.

NBC News reports that a new study, published on Monday, by the American Academy of Pediatrics say that parents should talk to their kids about drinking by age 9!

Surveys indicate that children start to think positively about alcohol between ages 9 and 13 years. The more young people are exposed to alcohol advertising and marketing, the more likely they are to drink..."

Crazy to think about right?! But the research backs it up. Before age 13, 21% of youth have had more than one sip of alcohol and a whopping 79% before they're a senior in high school.

If you think your kids aren't listening to what you have to say, think again. Doctors found that 80% of teenagers say their parents are the biggest influence in their decision to drink or not.