I thought this was bizarre when last week there was news that the CDC was warning people against dressing up their chickens for Halloween.

Because, why would the CDC only worry about dressing up chickens and HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE DRESSING UP CHICKENS??

Well The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) said in a press release Thursday that it doesn’t care if you dress your chickens up.  Just be gentle and remember to wash your hands, which is the same advice they’d give you even if you weren’t dressing up your chicken, but just petting it.

The CDC had a few tips about handling your chicken, (which, yes just heard it...)

  • Always wash your hands after touching chickens or anything in the environment. Use running water and soap, and use alcohol-based sanitizer if you don't have instant access to a sink.

  • Keep your chickens outside and never let them inside your home.

  • Don't eat or drink in areas where the chickens live or roam.

  • Don't kiss or snuggle with your birds, and don't touch your face immediately afterward.

  • Children under 5 years old should not be in contact with chickens - young children are more likely to get sick because of their developing immune systems, and more likely to put their fingers or pacifiers and other items in their mouths.


So go ahead and make Sir Clucks-a-lot look like a sexy Nemo.  Or whatever you've thought up, you clever blahty blah.

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