Since this is a new event coming to Grand Rapids, we wanted to give you a step-by-step of what will go on the day/night of the picnic.


  • 1

    Get a Message Revealing the Secret Location

    On the morning of August 25, you'll find out the secret location of the Grand Picnic (making it no longer a secret.)

  • 2

    Arrive at the Secret Location

    You and your friends will arrive at the secret location, where you will be shown to your seats so that you can set up your table. Bring tablecloths, decorations, whatever you think you'll want to make your table fun and enjoyable.

  • 3

    Let the Fun Begin!

    After all of the guests have been seated, we'll start the picnic in full force. You'll enjoy your dinner with friends and remain seated until the dance floor officially opens.

  • 5

    Dance the Night Away

    After dinner, the dance floor will open, and you'll show Grand Rapids just how awesome your dance moves are.

  • 6

    Clean Up

    Out of respect for the City's public space, guests clean up their area and leave with their own trash bag.

  • 7

    The End

    At the end of the evening all of the guests leave at the same time, taking with them the memory of an unforgettable experience.