I would almost argue that this was a better send off than "The Office." If you know my obsession with "The Office," you know how powerful that statement is coming from me.

First off, if you've never watched Parks and Rec it you need to make some Netflix time this weekend, especially if you work with the public. Simply put, this series is "The Office," with the added element of working with the public, and easily one of the most underrated shows of the 2000s.

So, why am I calling it brilliant? The show's writers and producers did something with the final season that had a lot of us Parks and Rec fans scratching our heads. They placed it in the future! This entire last season was really just an extended single final episode. The actual final episode was a reunion episode, they launched it even further into the future. Yes, you heard that right, Parks and Rec already did a reunion.

They ended this show so beautifully and wrapped it with the show's ongoing theme, optimism. Most of the finale flashed into the far out future and where each cast member would be.

Once the show came back from the future Leslie knew promising things were ahead, her last line of the series brought goosebumps, "I'm ready."

Perfect send off to a fantastic show!