While a lot of people dream of being a famous musician, I can only imagine how hard of a job it would be. Sure, there's the spotlight and the money to make it worth your time, but that doesn't mean you don't have a lot on your plate.


From long hours, to weeks away from your loved ones, it's easy to see how sometimes our favorite famous people can be a little scatter brained. And I'm assuming that's exactly what happened to Thomas Rhett.

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On Thursday, November 3rd Thomas Rhett Announced that he'll be bringing his Home Team Tour to Van Andel Arena, on Saturday July 29th. He'll have Cole Swindell with him, and I'll be honest: I'm way excited to go.

But when I clicked play on the announcement, I noticed something was a little off... maybe you'll spot it too:

Did you notice how Thomas Rhett pronounced Van Andel? I mean, I know you can't hear me repeating it to myself over and over, but it sounded more like it would be spelled "Vanindell" than the last name we all know well in West Michigan.

Now, I'm not here to shame you Mr.Rhett. You went above and beyond to make us believe that you're on our home team, even to the point of putting on a Griffins jersey to show your West Michigan love.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

But... based on how you pronounced the venue name, I would assume you've never been to our town. (Okay, he has... I have to give him credit, his last visit was in 2018.)

And maybe you're used to saying Cole SwinDELL so much, you thought it was AnDELL instead of Andel. That's okay, we get it!

We totally understand that a musician's life is busy and tiring, and we love that you put all of that effort into making us feel like you're really here waiting for the Gold season to start, maybe next time just ask for a pronunciation sheet. We know we aren't the only city you're visiting, but we don't want to feel like you flew by either.

And listen, it's not going to stop me from picking up tickets when they go on sale on November 11th, so I'll see you there.

Someone might want to give Thomas Rhett a crash course on these 'Michiganese' words too...

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