We've all been there, you're whizzing down 131 on the way to work when everything comes to a screeching halt, all because some idiot has decided to go 50 mph in the passing lane.

Well, mister, your passive aggressive tendencies are coming to an end. The State Police are as tired of it as the rest of us.

According to a news release, State Police out of the Lakeview and Rockford barracks will be looking 'Left Lane Louies' in the coming months, in an effort to educate them on the rules of the road.

"Many people simply don’t realize that the left lane is reserved for the passing motorist," said Lt. Chris McIntire of the MSP's Rockford Post in the release. "Besides being generally disruptive to traffic flow, this violation can actually be dangerous, as frustrated motorists attempt risky maneuvers to get around the log jam."

Attached to the news release was this link to the Michigan law regarding use of the left lane. You'll note there is no room in the law for a confused grandma or for you using the left lane to block someone you've decided you don't like.

So, in the words of the immortal Heywood Banks: GET OUT OF MY WAY!! GET OUT OF MY WAY!! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!