What Do You Do When The Kids Go To Bed?

  • Eat the “fancy” desserts that the kids don’t know we have!
  • Go to bed myself! Maybe have a snack while reading in bed...most times need to read before I fall asleep
  • Read a book, take a relaxing bath, watch MY tv shows, clean, FALL ASLEEP......the possibilities are endless when my boys go to bed
  • Eat my chocolate and read a book
  • Read, a nice hot bath, glass of wine.
  • Drink a glass of wine and watch my shows!
  • Cry and tell myself it gets better.....
  • Binge Netflix and eat the junk food
  • Try to watch a TV show, and usually fall asleep 20 minutes in Lol. Pretend to watch a show when really falling asleep on the couch!
  • Honestly, 5 of the 6 family members here are night owls. Our 14 year old has been staying up past 1am since he’s been 10.
  • I go to bed too
  • I'm in bed before the kids. The better question is what do the kids do when mom goes to bed?
  • Clean up the house so they can mess it up again. Lol
  • R+R (rest & relaxation..even reading now!)
  • Balloon animals!!
  • I dont have kids, but I do anything :D lol
  • My kids are teenagers so basically whatever I want
  • Watch my shows, shower...it's my "ME" time
  • Eat the snacks I dont want to share lmao
  • Eat candy that way I don't have to share lol
  • Watch golden girls
  • Horror movies and wine lol
  • Eat junk food
  • Go to bed too!
  • Watch TV and head to bed not long after they go.
  • Play a game on my phone, watch some tv and go to bed
  • Eat ice cream and go to bed
  • Sit in silence and watch tv they aren’t old enough to watch.
  • Scroll thru Facebook, watch reruns and toss and turn all night ‍♀️
  • Go to bed
  • No kids
  • Go to bed lol
  • Scroll social media
  • I go to bed before them now .
  • I go to bed before my teens do now
  • Visit the barn!
  • I don't do anything after my kids go to bed, due to me going to bed before they do! I have to get up way to early. But on the weekends I'll stay up and watch Netflix!
  • After my kids go to bed: It's usually different things but last night my hubby and I sat on the front porch and I had a bowl of ice cream all to myself, while we chatted. It was a great end to a Monday.
  • TQOTD. I'm lucky if I am awake. The two older kids always stay awake later than me and the little guy is a terrible sleeper #mamaneedstranqdarts
  • Uhh play fortnite and eat ice cream so I don’t have to share…
  • When the kid goes to bed I do a little cleaning and then watch the Milwaukee Brewers on tv without screaming!
  • Last night I laid on the couch drinking wine and eating mass amounts of cheese balls after my 5 year old spent the evening throwing fit after fit
  • About a year ago, I designed a cocktail called "The Kids Are In Bed." A shot each of Baileys, Kahlua, Mackinac Island Fudge Liqueur (Northern Latitudes Distillery), milk, and 2 ice cubes, and stir lightly.
  • Sit back, pet the dog, and enjoy being an adult
  • What we do when the kids go to bed is we usually watch a rated R movie and have Balloon animals on the couch.
  • To keep it 100% real with you after we put the kids to bed; The husband and I FINALLY get to strip down to the bare nothings and lay in front of a box fan. This precedes for about 2 hours or until one of us realizes we need a popsicle (fish, I mean an actual popsicle out of the freezer) to indulge with while laying down like a pair starfish on our bed.So far we’re on day eight of this routine, and four bags of popsicles later we realize we need to start buying in bulk. Send cool weather vibes, and a Sams Club Membership!
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