A massive fatal semi-truck fire Sunday has shutdown westbound M-6 in West Michigan through Thursday evening, so crews can inspect the infrastructure impacted.

The crash occurred early Sunday morning between exit 3 and exit 1 on the westbound lanes of M-6.

According to our news partner, FOX-17, the crash involved a semi truck carrying a load of flammable liquid and a car, which resulted in both drivers being killed. Police believe that the semi drifted off the the road and then overcorrected, causing it to overturn. It was then struck by a westbound vehicle.

The resulting fire engulfed both vehicles, and burned so hot that first responders were unable to access the vehicles (or their occupants) until the fire was extinguished.

The fire was close enough to the bridge crossing Rush Creek, near the scene, to merit inspectors coming out and making certain the bridge is still structurally sound. That will take until 5 p.m. Thursday evening. In addition, workers will have to repair the barrier wall which was also damaged in the crash.

Anybody who witnessed the accident or has any additional information is being asked to contact the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office at (616) 738-4000, Ottawa County Central Dispatch at 1-800-249-0911 or Silent Observer at 1-877-88-SILENT. You can also submit a tip online.

Video of the scene was posted to Reddit Sunday night, showing the intensity of the blaze.

This photo, posted to the Dutton Township Fire Department page, shows the thick smoke from the crash, which was seen for miles.

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