The other day I proclaimed “It’s Fall ya’ll” but that’s only because Starbucks released their PSL earlier than it ever has! Now retailers everywhere are starting to release all of their Fall products too and summer isn’t even technically over yet.

If you ask me, we got completely robbed of a summer this year. I don’t think I would be wrong in declaring that this has been one of the worst summers ever. COVID ruined all of our Summer 2020 forcing us to stay indoors, not be able to travel, or see family and friends the way we normally would have.


Summer 2021 was supposed to be our year! It was supposed to be the year of hanging out at the pool with friends, beach days, exploring new places and people, amusement parks, bonfires, and boozy brunches.

But instead we were plagued with bad weather, mosquitoes, and the Delta variant. Instead of swimming in a pool we were swimming in our own sweat. Instead of making fire with someone else, fires were roaring across the West. Instead of kayaking in a river, people were kayaking on the freeways due to floods.

The summer started off with lots of rain which impeded on outdoor related activities. Unless you’re a worm you were not having the best summer ever.

States across America experienced record-high temperatures and humidity which made it impossible to be outdoors for a long period of time. Not to mention when you were, your body was being attacked by vicious mosquitoes. I was forced to wear pants for weeks because my legs were covered in ugly bites. Ugh. Why do I have to have such tasty blood?

I don’t think this is what Megan Thee Stallion meant when she said #HotGirlSummer

Therefore I declare we get a second chance. A Summer 2021 redo for it being so doo-doo.

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